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Is Humanity abdicating to the Tribe

23 June, 2019

As humanity slowly yet resolutely slips back towards a menagerie of different societal groups, the mindset of tribalism becomes, not only more apparent but also more menacing.  As humanity has grown and matured it has also hit obstacles that have either not been encountered previously or not encountered to the scale as ever before and with individual and social resilience at an all-time low tribalism is an easy and typical retrograde tactic.

We also now have an even bigger issue.  It’s when Governments start to tribalize – the bigger the Government the bigger the problem e.g. the UK, Russia, China, USA, etc.  Governments appear not to see that tribalism at their level is counter-productive to  the economy and detrimental to humanity including their own population as Government tribalism negatively alters the structure of society itself. But… to many politicians these are not their primary concern, to them it’s votes and populist tribalism is seen as the panacea to becoming the next Government, or as we have seen in a number of countries including Russia and China they generate a desire for authoritarian nationalism (strong negative becomes preferable to a weak positive

The last two decades have seen major upheavals in social attitudes and economic hierarchies, as well as huge amounts of data being propagated and not all of it accurate; there is real news and “fake” news (real news often portrayed as untrue by politicians), and the dissemination of paranoia via social media. And with governments tribalizing these smaller tribes of hate and prejudice are emboldened to coalesce and promote their own agendas.

We now have fanatics, “purists’, nationalists, racist, supremacist, misogynists and others including religious bigots (Bigot = a person who has strong, unreasonable beliefs and who does not like other people who have different beliefs or a different way of life) all vying to peddle their own form of hate. Even though there are only a few compared to the majority of morally and ethically capable population, the damage they cause is far more pervasive and perverted.

A perfect example of fanaticism gone wrong is illustrated by Australian Rugby player  Israel Folau and his supposedly “Christian” sect. #Folau was sacked for breaking the conditions of his contract – for which he was paid handsomely.  Of course, he is allowed to express his point of view, except when he agrees not to do it publicly. I too can express my views that the “Tribe” he belongs to is no longer viable for the future of humanity. It is retrograde, divisive and borders on pathetic idolism of a bigoted dogma, and he has a place reserved for him in Hell. The difference is, I have not been paid or even agreed in a contract, to express my opinion nor to hold my opinion in the public sphere.

And the sad thing is, he calls it the “fight of his life”.  Thousands of children and adults really are fighting the fight of their life, but for one who owns multiple, million dollar properties, is free to go where and when he wants and indeed be whoever he wants to be, even to the point of being allowed to crowd source funds for his bigotry, then he is very much disillusioned as to what being alive means.

There is just too much bigotry, narcissism and greed behind his little venture.

So how do we change direction and start moving forward again, away from the sectarian tribe and to a greater, more resilient and more wholesome humanity. Dare I suggest it, Respect and trust others.

But is this is an uphill battle, with tribism the only “safe” condition we know. Christian Jarrett in his article for the British Psychological Society Research Digest shows the worst side of humanity and so tribalism could be our fate:

  1. We view minorities and the vulnerable as less than human
  2. We already experience schadenfreude at the age of four
  3. We believe in Karma – assuming that the downtrodden of the world must deserve their fate
  4. We are blinkered and dogmatic
  5. We would rather electrocute ourselves than spend time in our own thoughts
  6. We are vain and overconfident
  7. We are moral hypocrites
  8. We are all potential trolls
  9. We favour ineffective leaders with psychopathic traits
  10. We are sexually attracted to people with dark personality traits


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